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Critical Thinking/Study Skills

Think Sheets: A Reading Comprehension/Critical-Thinking/Study-Skills Program

Grades 4-9

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Reading Comprehension - Critical Thinking - Study Skills

Think Sheets is a powerful reading comprehension, critical thinking, and study skills program. The program has been carefully researched and designed to directly teach reading, vocabulary, writing, punctuation, spelling, problem-solving, study skills and critical thinking. Primary emphasis is placed on the application of reading comprehension critical thinking skills: main idea, cause and effect, making inferences, sequencing events, meaning of words and phrases, etc. The program includes a handy critical-thinking bookmark/skill card for each student that defines the individual comprehension skills. The instructional strategies, activities, and study skills, in Think Sheets are straightforward, direct, and transfer to other academic content areas requiring critical thinking and to performance on today's standardized tests.

Teachers are provided with concise, user-friendly materials embedded in a framework that constantly teaches and reinforces comprehension, critical thinking and study skills. The Think Sheet teaching approach is based on the various student learning styles (auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and practice) and provides an instructional blueprint for teachers and parents.

With Think Sheets, teachers have at their fingertips all the instructional materials and activities required for direct instruction of literacy skills and critical thinking. Success is immediate and observable. All students are constantly interacting, listening, writing, thinking critically, and demonstrating learning. They are on task at all times—there is no slippage or downtime. Individual assessment and attention to each student's needs (correction and reinforcement) is immediate and built into the program. Think Sheets makes it possible for teachers to teach at their best and for students to learn efficiently.

Components: Reading comprehension, critical thinking, study skills handbook (17 lessons, 5 quizzes), Reading Comprehension, Critical Thinking, Study Skills bookmark/skill card. Teacher/student instructions appear in each handbook.

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