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Reading Achievement at a Glance

Grades 1 - 8
English and Spanish Forms

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Grade-Level Reading AssessementsReading Achievement at a Glance - Reading Assessments is a valid, reliable, easily scored battery of grade-level reading assessments that can be administered as a classroom assessment or individually. These reading assessments provide teachers, principals, and students with a diagnostic "picture" of student skill development in reading comprehension, writing, spelling, punctuation, problem solving, and critical thinking. The reading assessments:

  • Tell teachers where each individual student is functioning in reading and writing and what has to be done to reach or exceed grade-level standards.
  • Are quick to administer and user-friendly for both teachers and students.
  • Provide the diagnostic information required to bridge the gap between daily instruction and the rigorous demands of state standards and assessments.
  • Mirror the demands of today's assessments in which multiple-choice and constructed-response questions are required.
  • Allow students to demonstrate the ability to transfer what they have learned to situations that reflect the concepts and demands of state and district standards.
  • Take the guesswork out of planning classroom instruction for maximum student achievement.
  • Make it possible for a teacher to predict, at any time during the school year, how a student would perform on a state test or other norm-referenced assessment.
  • Are an efficient, cost-effective way to determine what students know presently and what needs to be taught to meet district and state standards.

Components: Individual reading assessments: Grades 1-8 (English or Spanish), administration/scoring directions included.

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Math+ Math Skills at a Glance - Math Tests

Grades 3 - 10

Professional Development Available

Math SkillsMath+ is a math test that assesses those automatic, prerequisite math skills—the fundamental enabling math skills—required for success at all levels of math problem solving. This diagnostic math test is user-friendly and serves as a predictor of success on today's standardized math tests.

The test items sample universal content of accepted and widely used mathematics textbooks, diverse curriculum materials, precise grade-level expectations, and local and state standards. They are the basic math skills that every student should have mastered by the end of fourth grade.

Today, math students must have an automatic command of basic math skills (NCTM 2006). Without these skills, students become submerged in "finger" or "stick" counting—and there is no time for that on today's math tests. Facility with the basic enabling skills allows a student to focus on the thinking processes required to solve a problem. Authors of standardized math tests assume that students already have the fundamental prerequisites for grade-level problem solving.

Math+ tests 10 basic skill areas and includes a problem-solving/critical-thinking section.

Addition Numbers/Roman Numerals Graphs
Subtraction Fractions Geometry
Multiplication Decimals Problem Solving/
Division Measurement   Critical Thinking

A profile grid is included with each set of math test directions to chart individual student or class progress. When Math+ is used as a pretest, it determines present level of functioning and can serve as a source for baseline data.

With the diagnostic information from the Math+ math test, teachers know what students can do presently and what they need to learn to ensure future success.

Components: Reproducible Math Test Masters: Teacher Directions, Student Sheets, Answer Key, Diagnostic Profile Grid.

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