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Established in 1998, The Learner's Edge, Inc., is an educational research/publishing/consulting company devoted to making quality educational materials and services available to the education community and the public. The Learner's Edge, Inc. publishes more than fifteen successful learning programs and assessments in the areas of literacy, study skills, mathematics, bilingual education, and analytical thinking. These programs and assessments are designed specifically to create a match between classroom instruction and the demands of today's rigorous assessments. The Learner's Edge, Inc., also offers staff development, training, and consulting services to schools, school districts, and the general public.

Ken Andrews is a distinguished educator and author who has held positions as a classroom teacher, principal, psychologist, curriculum and assessment developer, and Director of Planning, Research, and Program Evaluation for a large metropolitan school district. His contributions to the field of educational psychology, research, and learning have led to the development of many innovative teaching methodologies, learning systems, and assessment formats and technologies. These instructional innovations have resulted in significant increases in student achievement at all grade levels, in all subject areas, and for all ability levels. Ken's common-sense approach to the teaching/learning process has earned him the respect and appreciation of educators throughout the country.

Diane Johnson is an accomplished author, editor, school principal, classroom teacher, researcher, and educational trainer/staff developer. She specializes in the areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment development and implementation. Vast experiences in creating instructional materials and techniques reflect a careful review of current literature, and integrate sound teaching/learning practices with a multisensory/kinesthetic approach to instruction. During her career as an educator, she has worked with students and adults of all ages and ability levels and in all basic academic subject areas.

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